#define – Saturday 15th June 2014, Rugby School, Warwickshire

About the event

def1-w800 def2-w800 def3-w800More than 100 students aged 11 to 13 turned up to enjoy this free event aimed at encouraging girls to take up Computer Science as a subject. Featuring keynote speakers and hands-on workshops, the day began with a talk from multi-award winning designer Laura Kalbag and ‘How Computing is part of our everyday lives’ by Dr Tom Crick of Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Activities included making games in Greenfoot, programming Python and lighting LED lights using the tiny Raspberry Pi computer.

A teacher from The Kingswinford School in Dudley said: “The event was jam packed with things to do; the workshops provided a variety of experiences for the students involved. It was exceptionally well run with a strict timetable of events that allowed for the broadest experience possible for all students. Overall a great day out for the students and accompanying staff.”

Generous sponsorship from OCR and Pimoroni enabled winning students from each workshop to take away a Raspberry Pi to practise what they had learned during the day.


Greenfoot (Neil Brown of University of Kent)

Create a game using Greenfoot, a system designed to help you learn to program in Java.

Building Robot Brains (Nick Hawes – University of Birmingham and Claire Rocks – University of Warwick)

A hands-on introduction to the field of robotics and artificial intelligence through building and programming Lego robots.

HCI in Learning Games (Laura Benton, Anastasia Pappa and Mina Vasalou – University of Birmingham)

Learn the principles that can be used to design learning game interfaces and explore low-tech prototyping techniques.

Makey Makey (Tom Ashworth – Leftlogic)

“We’ll jump, wave, dance and high-five our way to a game, using tables, bananas and each other to control it.

Raspberry Pi (Clive Beale – Raspberry Pi)

Make cool stuff with a tiny computer!

Design Thinking (Sarah – Utopian World of Sandwiches)

Design thinking – share ideas to come up with new and innovative solutions to problems!

Programming with Python! (Jacob Clark – BCS Manchester)

Learn how to solve problems through programming (and create cool games too!).

App Shed (Genevieve Smith-Nunes)

Create your own mobile phone or tablet app