#define South

#defineSouth – Saturday 28th June 2014, Royal High School, Bath

About the event

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We ran a fun workshop day encouraging students aged 9-13 to take up Computer Science as a subject. Featuring interesting speakers and three hands-on workshops for everyone to take part in, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Speaking about our last event, a teacher from The Kingswinford School in Dudley said: “The event was jam packed with things to do; the workshops provided a variety of experiences for the students involved. It was exceptionally well run with a strict timetable of events that allowed for the broadest experience possible for all students. Overall a great day out for the students and accompanying staff.”


Greenfoot (Neil Brown of University of Kent)

Create a game using Greenfoot, a system designed to help you learn to program in Java.

The Voice in the Machine (Richard Dobson and Archer Endrich, Composers Desktop Project Ltd)

We will explore the use of the popular Scratch programming language to create musical patterns, rhythms, textures and sound effects.

Wearable circuits using GEMMA (Charlotte Godley, University of Hull)

We will be using a preprogrammed GEMMA to show the circuit working, reprogram it to be your own personal pattern and program and demonstrate how you’d turn the circuit into a soft circuit that can be put into any clothing.

Flying Helicopters with Code (Jack Franklin, University of Bath)

In this workshop we’ll look at how we can write code to control and command a remote control helicopter to fly up, down, left right and even perform flips.

Computer Guts (Emma-Ashley Liles)

Ever wanted to get right into the guts of a computer and take it right to pieces? Find out what’s really inside the box.

Sorting it out (James Turrell, University of Worcester)

Getting kids into Computational Thinking with some fun activities based around sorting algorithms.

Python Programming with Minecraft Pi (Craig Richardson, Raspberry Pi Foundation)

Learn to program Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi with Python. Through a series of fun exercises you’ll create programs to teleport the player, create a trail of flowers and loads more! Best of all you’ll have the opportunity to play with the programs, adding your own ideas and possibly blowing stuff up. Join the Raspberry Pi team in this fun introduction to programming. No experience necessary.