As classroom teachers, we noticed a poor uptake of Computing and Computer Science at GCSE and A Level. At CAS #include we try to promote Computing by taking a gender neutral approach to the teaching of the subject. This can be seen in our resources and events. We run inclusive Computer Science taster events for teenagers called #Define which help give young people access to great role models in the industry and a true reflection on jobs within the industry. We believe that excellent teachers can make a huge difference to the lives of children and so we aim to support educators across the UK with classroom tips and tricks, free educational resources and training events across our five strands.


What deters girls from Computing?

  • Lower confidence levels than that of male peers in the subject area.
  • Use of examples within lessons that do not promote an inclusive environment.
  • Lack of opportunity for collaboration and project based learning.
  • Irelevent curriculum and focus on teacher led lessons rather than hands on projects.
  • Lack of visible positive female role models within the facility, upper year groups or wider world.
  • Poor perceptions of possible careers within the field.
  • Lack of access to career information.

What should educators do to encourage girls in Computing?

  • Help to spark interest through creative projects that solve a real world problem in a fun and collaborative setting.
  • Build confidence of their students with role models and mentors perhaps from older year groups or by reaching out to your local tech community.
  • Nurture an inclusive community where it is okay to fail both inside the classroom and through extra curricular clubs.
  • Help students to develop a tech identity using free web tools to share and seek feedback from outside of school.
  • Use a gender neutral approach to lesson and activity planning.

Research & Further Reading


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